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About Us

FOCUSED ON COMMUNITY is a Community-Focused Insurance Collaborative. Most companies in the insurance industry, are simply sales organizations, with 99.9% of their focus being sales.

As a collaborative, our biggest focus is educating and spreading awareness in our communities. We teach about ways to use a wide array of programs/benefits/funding that were created to make a difference in your life individually, in the lives of those you love, and the communities that are connected to.

At every social and economic level, so many of our communities, simply “don’t know what we don’t know” when it comes to the basics of insurance, and how it works.

Many are paying much more then they should for what they're getting.

Many have pre-existing medical conditions, have been turned down by "for-profit" companies, and now think they can't qualify for coverage anymore (there are actually options for any medical situation. We can help).

Most think someone has to come to their house and get a medical exam for coverage (No physical exam, No house visits, Quick Approvals).

Most that have policies through typical "for-profit" companies never receive anything of value while they are alive to enjoy it (there are programs and resources we teach about, that can be used throughout the year, every single year. Most just aren’t informed).

Our desire is to inform.



We collaborate with and educate organizations, big and small, all over the country. We also partner with and mentor individuals, on how to use what is available to them, to build towards their future. We then encourage them to make that same impact in the lives of others, by educating their local community.

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